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ِAbout Company


"Abdal" is a Saudi closed joint stock company headquartered in Riyadh, Its capital is SR 100 million. The company obtained an official license from the Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia in the field of recruitment and employment. The company specializes in providing Foreign Manpower of Companies and Establishments in the Various Sectors of the Kingdom To provide domestic labor services and carry out mediation work in this area.

The legacy

"Abdal" is in fact not a nascent company, it has built on the experience of long-standing investors Contracting, roads, maintenance, operation, financial investments and real estate investments, This diversity of fields and expertise will give the company a replacement ability to understand the requirements and needs Customers to meet their expectations and strategic plans in line with their expectations With the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.

Abdal's Story

We chose the name "Abdal" who always tries our best to find a variety of alternatives in Managing human resources in order to help our clients achieve their goals and aspirations. Our mission is to provide our customers with as many options as possible, which opens up their business for development And prosperity.

Company Values

The basic values ​​of "Abdal" revolve around respect for his broad sense and his lofty meanings, where these values ​​include each of the following:


Respect for communication

Our respect for the customer means that he is clearly informed of the entire stages of the work and the level of completion at each stage. To help our client be fully aware of what is happening in his project, Through the customer service team, and through the electronic channels available. All Abdal departments are closely linked to facilitate free and rapid exchange of information Reliable constructive and useful ideas aimed at developing work.


Respect for rights

We believe in "Abdal" that the customer has rights that he must take in full, that the employee has rights that he must take in full, and that the contractor has rights that must take it full. We have committed ourselves to giving everyone his right.


Respect for teamwork

"Abdal" is found in order to help the community through the activities excersing that would improve the standard of living of its members and distance from each activities that would harm or their surroundings.


Respect time

Time is of great importance in the system of work in "Abdal" is a resource that is never compensated. So we appreciated its importance has been built. The general strategy has been built to work in the company by giving time a good share of interest without a good investment can be to achieve the company's objectives.


Respect for transparency

In Abdal, we recognize the importance of providing information honest customer, so the deal was always built on the credibility and clarity we want to build a long term relationship with our customers based on solid foundations of honesty, integrity and self-esteem.


Respect for the community

"Abdal" is found in order to help the community through the activities excersing that would improve the standard of living of its members and distance from each activities that would harm or their surroundings.

Why Abdal ?

Precision in selection

We have precise methods of managing the international recruitment process, With the aim of choosing the right employees for our clients' goals and aspirations. The selection process begins from identifying the appropriate CVs, and then interviewing for a better choice candidates are in coordination with the client.

Effective communication

A "Abdal" customer is constantly informed of all progress in the work stages, where that there is a specialized team tasked with continuous communication with the client and coordination with him and provide all information and services to it. Therefore, the signature with "Abdal" is considered the beginning of a practical journey full of comfort, attention and achievement.

Work Round-The-Clock

Our CRM employees does not know how to sleep to ensure the provision of services to contracted personnel, In particular emergency situations, as we do as our duties dictate.

Employee loyalty to the customer

Many clients face significant problems in managing their contracted employees during work, due in part to a lack of loyalty for the client. But in the replacement we realized early this administrative problem, and we have all the necessary commitments to prevent any behaviors of this kind.

Professional CRM

We are constantly working to ensure that our relationship with our clients and their staff is managed professionally and we are committed to dealing professionally with all matters related to them and their work by assigning a relationship manager to each client. The most important thing we always strive to achieve is to get our customers the best services recruitment and operation in a professional and comfortable manner.