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ABDAL Company provides home-based employment to suit individual needs, from private driver and home help to nurse, private chef and farmer.

Domestic labor hourly service

Service for specified hours and specific days according to the agreement with the client, does not require the establishment of employment at the client, during which the delivery of employment to the customer to start calculating the time of service since the arrival of employment to the client's home.

Domestic labor service per month

Human resources to work in the homes of citizens and residents of the various professions of different nationalities. With the availability of well-trained contracting personnel, they understand the local culture and the requirements of domestic work. The company is responsible for the management of contracted employees.

Home nursing service

Home care for the elderly and people with special needs, and the service of private health facilities.

Services of intermediary in the employment of personnel.

WASATA services in the recruitment of human resources for the home facilities with their own visas, where the company to bring cadres according to their requirements, within a short period of time.