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Company Mission

We are here to achieve the objectives of our shareholders in providing distinguished and profitable services in the field of human resources through:


Provide sufficient numbers of contractual employees needed by companies and institutions in various sectors, taking into account the importance of time in the implementation of all procedures.


Providing skilled and professionally capable contract employees who add to the various projects real value and contribute to the realization of the objectives of different business, industrial, real estate and service. employees انظر أيضًا employee


Provide outstanding services to our clients through professional relationship management with them to ensure their knowledge, satisfaction and follow-up of all work related to their contracted employees, on an instant basis, and through the latest means of technology.

Company Message

Enabling enterprises and individuals to focus on their main business, in addition to helping them achieve efficiency and effectiveness by providing them with the human resources they need, while managing their affairs in whole or in part on their behalf.

Company's future vision

To be the preferred partner of enterprises and individuals in the field of human resources recruitment, and to be the best brand among recruitment companies in Saudi Arabia.

Business Strategy

Abdal's work is based on a clear and well defined strategy. The Company believes that there will be no achievement if there are no set targets to be achieved, and without a plan that facilitates the achievement of these objectives. Research, analysis and development of plans is an important part of the process of building the strategy in Abdal, there is no feasible plan without solid knowledge bases to be built for the future.

After the theoretical aspect of the business strategy has been built, Abdal has injected sufficient financial resources to transform this strategy into reality through the application of all its components. Over the next five years, Abdal aims to double its revenues and expand its markets and activities, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to become a multi-resource business entity with a strong financial position and a secure and stable strategic position.