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Medical sector

We are interested in the ABDAL company the expectations of customers and create an atmosphere of credibility and transparency in dealing with the client by providing medical and health staff for all professional groups of multiple nationalities and we are working to make the replacement of the main source in attracting manpower to health facilities.

Health cadres program for medical facilities


The medical and advisory staff in all its specialized or rare specialties


Nursing specialties of all categories


Technical and administrative assistance


Professional and support specialties

MUSAAD Program (Health Personnel)


Home nurse


Home Physical Therapy


Home Work Therapy


Personal facilities in hospitals and treatment trips


Personal facilities at home

What is distinguished

- We are distinguished by a professional cadre with academic and medical expertise to provide recruitment services to various hospital departments.

- We are distinguished by administrative cadres who have experienced the accreditation of hospitals to international or local bodies And the ability to understand the quality of cadres required for the health facility according to those Terms and Regulations.

- The recruitment team has a full understanding of how hospitals should be committed With the instructions of the Saudi Commission for Medical Specialties and the requirements for professional classification And specialized legal equivalents for professions and related disciplines.

- Professional staff in Abdal is familiar with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Health Affairs For hospitals and health facilities in various activities.

- International recruitment network of various Arab, Asian and European nationalities And opening other labor markets with specialties required for medical care.

- The database contains candidates in medical, nursing and professional specialties.

- Visas for all professions, medical, nursing, technical or vocational.

- Procrastination in the administrative procedures related to the internal administrative laws as a traversal Candidates are tested for mandatory biodetermination to facilitate subsequent procedures (Classification - Registration - Documentation - Temporary Licenses - Final Licenses - Documents) Professional errors)